Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr. Lincoln

Continuing my trend of blogging of fabulous sea/aquatic creatures, my friend Mimi (shout out!) sent me this article about how a dolphin saved two whales.

I mean if that doesn't melt your heart into a million pieces I don't know what will.

I'm currently taking a class called Economics of Global Business. My teacher - Edward Lincoln. He is a Japanese expert during the week, heading NYU's Japan/US trade center, and on the weekends he dresses up in civil war garb and does mock battles in the Washington DC area (you can guess by his last name what side he fights for). On side note, I have seen him run up stairs, and he is quite nimble.

Today in class we were learning about service exports/imports and his example was as followed: "If Eliot Spitzer were to have gone to Paris for his prostitution needs, that would have been considered a service import."

This comment woke me up from my nap, where apparently I was sleeping with my mouth wide open and Mr. Lincoln was staring right at me.

Cuando a Roma!


Kimberly said...

no no, he said "if Eliot spitzer had gone to a whorehouse in Paris..."

V-SPOT said...

you make me happy, so happy