Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alfani FC first round domination!

The first round of NYU's intramural soccer tournament was on Friday. My team, Alfani FC, went up against the Uptown Allstars. Everyone was a little nervous, not knowing how the competition would be; however, as soon as the game started it was all Alfani domination.

The game was indoor and consisted of two 25 minute periods. Within the first 10 minutes we were up 3-0. At halftime it was 5-1. The second half was all Alfani, scoring 7 unanswered goals.

The final score: 12-1.

Here is the individual breakdown:
Spencer (Goalie): Solid game. Only let in one goal. What more is there to say.
Vishnu: 3 goals. good passing and accuracy. Great chemistry with the team. Good to get over the hump of scoring - he's going to light up the scoreboard the rest of the way.
Huseyin: Best player on the team. Anchor of the defense. Champion among champions.
Bryan: Upgraded Oliver. Was willing to play wherever and played well. Great acquisition to the team.
Molly: Showed the boys who's boss. Great six (wo)man. Defense was tenacious. If she starts believing in herself she'll go even farther.
Ravi: Despite being extremely hung over, played well and showed dedication to the team.
Graham: DNP - gametime for Friday
Declan: DNP

Our next game is Friday at 3:00pm. More to come

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