Sunday, April 6, 2008

Honor with Defeat

This past friday Alfani FC, my intramural soccer team, lost 12-9 against an all Italian team. We gave a good effort, but in the end the other team was just better than us. We could have beat them, but not on that day.

The final stats for the two games:

Me: 13 goals, 5 assists
Vishnu: 5 goals, 3 assists
Graham: 2 goals, 2 assists
Huseyin: 1 goal, 6 assists

We will try again next semester to win.

In other news, UNC lost big yesterday. I was watching that game in shock. I had picked UNC to win and they played like my 10th grade JCC basketball team. I almost scored more goals in soccer than they scored points in the first 15 minutes of the game.

But the worst thing was that I was watching the game with a Kansas fan who literally yells at the TV as if the team can actually hear her. And when I mean yell, I mean yell. People across the street could probably hear her. And she made me switch on time outs to watching lacrosse - which I didn't know anyone even watched or was televised.

But her teams always win, and my team always lose against her. It doesn't matter how good they are. It's so frustrating.