Friday, March 21, 2008

Dragon's Back Trail

I'm not too big on hiking. I mean lets be seriously, I'm Jewish, and the last time a Jew went hiking was to go out of Egypt - and that was before we could hire car services. But when I was in Hong Kong this past week my roommate (pictured bending over) wanted to go on a hike so I said, "why not." I ended up having the best time of the week on the hike.

To get to the hike we had to take the MTR, which is Hong Kong's subway, to the second to last stop, get on the 9 bus. The bus only took exact change, and we did not have any, so we just put in spare American coins. The bus driver either didn't care or notice. We got off the bus at a round about, walked up past a women's prison, and there is was: the Dragon's Back Trail.

It was a beautiful trail, going up and down mountains as if we were on the back of a dragon. We ended in a little fishing village where we had lunch and played mini golf on a nine hole course that was made of concrete. After that we went to the beach and played soccer with some of the local kids who, even though only 6, were not afraid to slide tackle or injure me.

It was a great day. No one fell of the mountain and died, I didn't break a sweat that much - although I did take off my shirt and got some pretty sweet looks from some Cantonese girls - and I got to see another side of Hong Kong.

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